As your event patrons pass through our Mobile Onsite Detection Systems, they will be passively scanned for weapons of all types and elevated body temperature to keep your event safe from these threats. Additionally, the system can detect non-compliant use of facial PPE (masks) where required. Touchless ticketing is available to allow patrons that have prepurchased tickets to quickly scan into the event via touchless entry stations provided in each lane. Our Mobile Onsite Detection Systems are perfectly suited for large indoor and outdoor events, fairs, festivals and concerts.

The PATSCAN MSG offers detection of concealed weapons on people and in bags using AI / machine learning coupled with magnetic moment techniques. The Multi Sensor Gateway (MSG) allows for the discovery of a ‘’weapon signature’’ (i.e.: object shape – handgun, rifle, knife or bomb), with its unique sensor configuration can detect the metal threat object’s location on an individual’s body or within a bag. Additionaly, when an alarm is detected, doors can be automatically locked automatically and elevators can deny access.

The PATSCAN VRS-W video threat recognition software is a powerful addition to any existing video management system. It facilitates the automated recognition of weapons, public disturbances, and suspicious behaviors. The PATSCAN Platform instantly displays in real time incidents of interest to onsite security personnel. This allows security personnel to keep guests, staff, and partners safe, responding to threat situations quickly and effectively. Detection Levels up to 75ft.

PATSCAN VRS-T Thermal Elevated Body Temperature Module is a new enhancement to Patriot One’s comprehensive PATSCAN Platform for public safety. The Company has advanced its non-intrusive computer vision/video analytics module to leverage common off-the-shelf thermal video cameras. This new module is designed for deployment on a single thermal camera at entrances for the detection of elevated body temperatures, which may indicate a fever related to a virus or contagion.

PATSCAN VRS-HS Facial Mask Detection Module is a new enhancement to Patriot One’s comprehensive PATSCAN Platform for public safety. Cameras situated inside the Mobile Onsite Detection System enable the detection of facial mask compliance to assist in preventing the spread of viruses or contagions.

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